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We’re global leaders in environmental health sciences research who aim to make a difference in the well-being of California’s diverse communities. We work with local groups and governments to identify new approaches in science and develop real-world solutions to the environment’s most challenging health problems. From innovative toxicological studies on Alzheimer’s to pioneering research on the epigenetics of autism, we’re front and center breaking new ground in understanding how the environment interacts with human health.

EHSC Leadership

Janine LaSalle (thumbnail)

Janine LaSalle, PhD

Deputy Director

Kent Pinkerton (Thumbnail)

Kent Pinkerton, PhD



EHSC Core and Program Leaders

Deborah Bennett (Thumbnail photo)

Deborah Bennett, PhD

Co-Director, Exposure

Cristina Davis (Membership thumbnail)

Cristina Davis, PhD 

Co-Director, Integrated Health Sciences

Rebeca Giacinto (Thumbnail)

Rebeca Giacinto, MPH, PhD

Evaluation Lead

Nicholas Kenyon (Thumbnail)

Nicholas Kenyon, MAS, MD

Co-Director, Integrated Health Sciences 

Kyoungmi Kim (thumbnail)

Kyoungmi Kim, PhD

Subcore Lead, Integrated Health Sciences 

Pamela Lein (Thumbnail)

Pamela Lein, PhD

Co-Director, Career Development

Laura Van Winkle (Thumbnail)

Laura Van Winkle, PhD

Co-Director, Pilot Projects Program

Christoph Vogel (Thumbnail)

Christoph Vogel, PhD

Subcore Lead, Environmental Exposure

Anthony Wexler (Thumbnail)

Anthony Wexler, PhD

Co-Director, Exposure




Associate Members

Luis Carvajal-Carmona

​​​​​​Luis Carvajal-Carmona, PhD