Anthony Wexler

2020 Pilot Project Awards

Below are the pilot projects the UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center awarded in 2020. If you'd like more information about a particular project, please contact the principal investigator for details.

Waking Up to Wildfires


Waking Up to Wildfires wins an Emmy nomination!

In 2020, our 30-minute, PBS version of Waking Up to Wildfires received an Emmy nomination in the health, science and environment category. A Robert Redford-narrated documentary produced by the Mill Valley Film Group won, but it was an honor to be among such a talented group. of nominees.

The cores

Like other centers sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the research we do at the UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) can be broken up into three key areas or "cores." Contact any one of the co-directors below for more information.

Wildfire research in California

Wildfires & health surveys: How to participate

There are different ways you can participate in California wildfire research at UC Davis: