Wildfires: When preparing for the worst is best

When I moved to Sacramento last year I thought I was escaping earthquakes. For years, I lived just down the street from the Hayward Fault in North Berkeley. Our little bungalow on a hill was cute but creaky. I used to joke with my husband that if our house collapsed when The Big One hit we could buy that Airstream he always wanted.

So, it was a relief knowing my family was safe from such a calamity when we moved to Sacramento. Then wildfire season hit.

Investigación de incendios en California para mamás y futuras mamás

El Estudio de Evaluación de Bio-Muestras sobre Efectos de Incendios (B-SAFE) tiene como objetivo revelar cómo afectan los incendios a la salud de las embarazadas y sus bebés

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Estudio B-SAFE

Este estudio está reclutando ahora participantes que se han visto afectados por los incendios de 2021 en el Norte de California. Pueden participar las embarazadas de 18 años o más que vivan en un área impactada por los incendios y el humo de los incendios. Si quieres unirte al Estudio B-SAFE, puedes obtener más información aquí:

Interactive wildfire map

Use our interactive map to see how long people went without essentials after California's historic wildfires in 2017-2019 Where our data comes from

In early 2018, Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto and the UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) began conducting the California Wildfire and Health Impacts Survey as part of a larger research project, “Wildfires and Health: Assessing the Toll in NOrthWest California” (WHAT NOW California).

Reading between the lines with Hong Ji, PhD

The 2019-2020 Environmental Health Sciences Scholar knows fate plays best when it’s in your own hands

By Jennifer Biddle

From all outward appearances, some might describe Hong Ji’s career in epigenetics as pre-destiny. Her life seemed to follow a prescription: Brilliant microbiology student matriculating from top universities to pursue an ever-promising research career, all with the hope of illuminating the dark mysteries of some impossible-to-cure disease.

Anthony Wexler, PhD


Anthony Wexler, PhD, MS is a research scientist who measures and models atmospheric aerosols related to urban smog, human health and global warming. His engineering background is the foundation for his understanding of the body’s physiological systems.