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Children's health and the environment


    Why are children more vulnerable to their environment?

    There are a variety of reasons children are especially vulnerable when it comes to toxins and other hazards they may encounter in their environment:

    What environmental factors affect health?

      It’s not just what you’re exposed to that matters

    The truth is, it’s challenging to pin down exactly what factors cause an environmental health problem. Health problems related to the environment are complex and develop for a variety of reasons, including how likely a person’s genes are to develop a disease or condition (scientists call this genetic susceptibility). What we do know is that an environmental health problem is likely linked to physical, biological and even economic factors.

    Share your environmental health concerns


    Ask for technical assistance

    If you’re concerned about exposure to agricultural pesticides, living near a freeway or hazardous waste facility, disease clusters in your area or any other potential health hazard linked to where you live or work, ask UC Davis scientists for help.

    Health problems are complex, so we can’t diagnose or identify the cause of an illness or condition. But depending on the expertise needed and your particular circumstances, we might be able to help investigate your concerns. The first step in getting help is filling out the form below.

    Application instructions

    The Pilot Projects Program has a two-stage application process.  First, a brief concept letter, using the Concept Letter Form, is submitted.  Applicants will be notified whether their Concept Letter is approved within two weeks of the Concept Letter deadline.  Only applicants for whom Concept Letters are approved may move forward to the full application.

    For scientists

    The Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) at UC Davis links experts across the fields of engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine and agricultural, environmental and biological sciences. EHSC provides researchers with opportunities to collaborate on grant proposals and share technical expertise and laboratories. 

    How to cite our research

    How to cite our research

    If you're a researcher who needs to cite the UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center, please reference project number P30-ES023513.

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