Wildfire webinar: Smoke signals

2018 Camp Fire

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Examining the toxicities of wildfire exposures

Hear Dr. Mary Rice and Dr. M. Ian Gilmour discuss the current state of wildfire research

Wildfires are increasing in size and severity, with adverse impacts on air quality and respiratory health. Wildfire smoke is positively associated with cardiopulmonary morbidity and mortality, including medication usage, emergency department visits and hospitalizations. However, the clinical impacts and molecular mechanisms are not well characterized, so defining the toxicities of wildfire exposure is critical.

This webinar introduces the epidemiological data regarding community exposures during wildfires (Dr. Rice), and links the chemistry and combustion conditions of biomass smoke emissions with toxicological effects (Dr. Gilmour). The webinar will cover human, rodent and in vitro studies to date.  

Topic discussion includes:

  • Known and predicted cardiopulmonary health effects
  • How the fuel and combustion conditions can alter toxicity
  • Susceptible populations
  • Potential intervention and communication strategies
  • Expert Review


  • Dr. Kymberly Gowdy, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, East Carolina University
  • Dr. Amie Lund, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, University of North Texas
  • Dr. Lisa Miller, Professor of Anatomy, Physiology, & Cell Biology, University of California, Davis

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