Community Engagement


COEC Co-Leaders 

Jonathan London, PhD
Michelle Ko, MD, PhD

Engaging the Community in Environmental Health Sciences Research The overall goal of the Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) of the UC Davis EHS Center is to support multidisciplinary, community-engaged research that works to address environmental health problems and disparities, particularly for residents of California’s San Joaquin Valley. The COEC facilitates collaborative partnerships between EHS researchers and a diverse range of community partners and builds capacity for developing projects that are community-driven and scientifically rigorous. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences promotes the advancement of community-engaged research and science translation through Partnerships for Environmental Public Health.

Activities of the Community Outreach and Engagement Core include:

Facilitation of the CSTAC (Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee)

  • The CSTAC is composed of public agency and community leaders in the environmental health and justice fields that will guide the EHS research to address the needs and interests of vulnerable populations in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

External Needs and Opportunities Assessment

  • Learn from community partners in the policy and advocacy sectors about their needs as they relate to needed research of environmental influences on human health in the San Joaquin Valley

Training and consultation to EHS Center researchers on community engaged research

  • Customized assistance to EHS Pilot Projects and other researchers on enhancing community engagement in their research projects

Community Environmental Health Science Academy (CEHSA) to

  • Train community leaders in the concepts and methods of environmental health science to support their informed engagement, understanding, participating in and applying relevant research

Environmental Health Sciences Writing Internship

  • The Community Outreach and Engagement Core sponsors a writing internship in collaboration with the University Writing Program. EHS Center writing interns host a blog where they publish articles and profiles of  Center researchers, community leaders and environmental advocates who serve as community advisers to the EHS Center. Please visit their blog.