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The Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) at UC Davis links experts across the fields of engineering, medicine, veterinary medicine and agricultural, environmental and biological sciences. EHSC provides researchers with opportunities to collaborate on grant proposals and share technical expertise and laboratories. 

Member profile

PAM LEIN, PHD Co-director of the Career Development Program at the Environmental Health Sciences Center

Pam Lein’s interest in toxicology started when she was an environmental science major at Cornell University. She became fascinated with the poisonous plant garden at Cornell’s veterinary school, where her father was a professor.

“I decided to take a course in poisonous plants while I was there, and that's how I was introduced to the concept of toxicology,” says Lein.

Aims review meetings


WHEN: Usually on the second Monday of each month, 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM 


The aims review happens monthly and is hosted by the Environmental Health Sciences Center's Career Development Program.

Investigators preparing to submit a grant proposal (intramural or extramural) may bring their specific aims for review by senior and experienced investigators. A biostatistician is also in attendance for statistical advice.