Seed Grants

Dandelion with seeds


The UC Davis Environmental Health Sciences Center accepts applications to its Seed Grant Program each month while funds are available. This program is offered through the Center’s two cores: the Environmental Exposure Core and the Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core.

The goal of this program is to enable investigators to collect preliminary data or perform other preliminary activities, such as method development, feasibility or proof-of-concept studies in preparation for applying for future grants in the field of environmental health sciences. These can include preparation for EHSC pilot grants, other intramural funds, or extramural grants. Investigators should propose projects that can reasonably be completed in 12 months.

Substantively, EHSC is interested in funding preliminary activities that will:

  1. Lead to development or improvement in methods for exposure measurement or modeling
  2. Build upon an existing study by examination of a new outcome or exposure
  3. Strengthen the scientific premise for a grant to increase knowledge about potential mechanisms in environmentally-induced disease or about links between exposures and health outcomes.

Preference is given to applications that meet any of the following criteria:

  • Use Exposure Core or IHSFC facilities or services
  • Have the potential to address community-initiated environmental health concerns that impact residents of the San Joaquin/Central Valley (see Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee to learn about issues of concern to our community partners)
  • Involve human subjects or have a high likelihood of immediate translation to public health
  • Aim to produce work that will serve as a building block to secure subsequent EHSC pilot grant or extramural funding, particularly from NIEHS