Best Practices in Research: Session 1 / Self-awareness and Leadership

Best Practices in Research

Event Date

Online (Zoom TBD)

Session #1: Self-awareness & Leadership

Introductions & Course Overview  (4:00-4:45 pm)

Facilitators: Pam Lein, Nick Kenyon, and Gene Crumley

Purpose: uniform understanding of course expectations and participants introductions

Introductions: ‘What are your earliest memories of being attracted to science?’

Mini-lecture: Self Awareness & Leadership (4:45-5:20pm)

Facilitator: Gene

Homework Assignment (5:20-5:25 pm)

  • Go to the website: and take the ‘All About You: The Big 5 Personality Test’
  • See how your ‘self-evaluation’ compares with the results

Adjourn (5:30 pm)