Keith Bein, PhD - Air Quality Research Center

Facilitating Real-Time Exposure Studies on Traffic Related Air Pollution
Toxicological studies continue to demonstrate causal relationship between exposures to traffic related air pollution (TRAP), including gases and particles, and various metrics of adverse pulmonary, cardiovascular and neurological health effects. The key challenge in these studies is replicating true human exposure in models that mimic human biology on accelerated time scales with sufficient resolution in physiological and/or behavioral response to demonstrate statistical significance. A core need is an exposure paradigm that addresses these issues in a robust and dependable manner. It is hypothesized that a roadway tunnel system provides a platform that maximizes signal-to-noise ratio and minimizes bias by allowing for real-time exposure to concentrated ambient TRAP. The objective of this project is to design, construct, implement and characterize a mobile vivarium. The expected outcome from this project is a facility that will reliably and accurately assess the health effects of exposure to TRAP. Concomitant with this facility will be core services providing full physical and chemical characterization of the exposure environment.